Agni Pravesam Short Film tamil hindi dubbed movie online watch HD quality (2020)

Agni Pravesam Short Film (Tamil) Full Video in HD quality. Agni Pravesam stars Vijay TV fame Anjali Prabhakaran in the lead role.


Agni Pravesam – A Tale of Lesbian Love is a Tamil short film starring Anjali Kannan in the title role. Directed by Sabarish Shyam, the film also features Madhavi, Vishnu in major roles. The film won the Best Photo Series award at the Beyond Earth Film Festival.

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Agni Pravesam’s film is a history photograph based on lesbian love depicting Hindu mythologies in India. The film shows real-life characters inspired by lesser-known mythology.

It also reveals the fact that the world we live in is no different from the brutal mythological stories that were hidden from us. Agni Pravesam is not just a lesbian love story, but the story of how “agni” was born.

The preview of the highly anticipated short film will be released on June 27. Sharing the news on Instagram, Kajka Povathu Yaar, the famous Anjali Prabhakaran, wrote: “A love story beyond your imagination!”

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